Manir Mithu Zaman  

President, Membership Steering Committee

Manir Mithu Zaman is a MarketPlace Facilitated Enroller at Metroplus that helps consumers with obtaining their health insurance. He joined MetroPlus in 2015, and ever since has insured more than 5000 New Yorkers with life care insurance.

Manir has worked at U.S. Financial Diaries as a field researcher to collect data on how families manage their daily finances. His work shed light onto various aspects of the financial lives of working Americans, to provide insight into the design of potential financial service policies. Manir has also worked with Chhaya CDC, assisting South-Asian communities with housing issues, educating tenants of their rights, and participated in city-wide affordable housing and financial coaching.

Manir is a first-generation immigrant in his family who moved to the United Sates in 2008. He completed his Masters in Management from Bangladesh, and had served as an accountant for Well Group of Industries for over 7 years. Manir loves going on long drives and road trips.

As the President of the Membership Committee, Manir is driven and committed to work for New York’s immigrant populations’ success. His personal motto of helping underrepresented people achieve their dreams and reach their potential resonates deeply with Shetu’s mission of South Asian immigrant empowerment.